The Cuban Resort Food Misconception

A common thing you hear when you tell someone that you are travelling to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba is questions about the quality of the food. While in the days of the trade embargo it is true that things such as spices and condiments may have been hard to come by at a Cuban resort, that their food is bad is a misconception.

The Quest for the Cuba Soup

In my experience, the buffet will always have plenty of options that will sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. However, the a la carte restaurants are where some truly memorable food can be tasted. I can confidently say that one of the best soups I have had the pleasure of trying was at the Cuban themed restaurant at the Memories in Varadero, Cuba. The soup was a fragrant traditional soup served as an appetiser that was so good I had to ask for seconds. I tried to ask the waiter about what type of soup it was but all I could remember by the time I was home was that it contained yucca. Unfortunately for me, that is a common ingredient in Cuban soups and I have been unsuccessful with finding a recipe. I suppose I will have to visit Cuba again and go on a quest for my unforgettable soup.


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